Julie Araskog will be a 24/7/365 Public Servant

With a law degree from Notre Dame, a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University, and a BA in Public Policy from Duke University, Julie is uniquely qualified to take on the tough issues facing our Town. Julie’s skills are leadership, active listening to all sides of an issue, a balanced approach, forging consensus, and crafting innovative win-win situations. Using a dignified, inclusive, and equitable approach to bring residents’ concerns to the forefront of town decision-making. A full-time Palm Beach resident and citizen advocate, she has a proven record of getting involved – and making a difference. She takes challenges head on, and when we need Julie… she is always there.

Julie Araskog will protect your tax dollars and savings

Some candidates talk about zero-based budgeting with clear priorities, but Julie will make it happen. We need to be fiscally responsible with complete due diligence when choosing and implementing long term projects.  As your  Town Council member, she will call for a private sector review of town operations and finances to improve service delivery – and reduce costs - with resident know-how.

Julie Araskog knows we have a traffic and parking problem

Traffic and parking issues in many ways stem from development and planning issues. Julie knows it is time for new technologies to improve parking throughout Palm Beach, and a smarter approach to integrated long-term planning that reduces traffic congestion and construction messes.

Julie Araskog will be tougher on development

Developers do not need incentives to build in Palm Beach, and Julie will demand stricter controls on the kind of development and commercial changes that put our lifestyle at risk. Any Comprehensive Plan or zoning changes should be addressed slowly and with a resident focus, and height and density limits must not be increased.  Julie wants to preserve our quality of life and our Town's character by respecting and safeguarding our zoning and ARCOM laws. She is not against development; she is against oversized development that harms our way of life or is not town-serving.

Julie Araskog will make our shore protection better

We have a shore protection plan that has made an impact – but we can do better. Whether you live in the north, midtown, or south, our beach and sea walls are our first lines of defense against storms, rising sea levels, and inland flooding, and necessary to protect our property values and ensure our safety. It’s not just about sand, and we can do better at a lower life time cost. Julie will make it happen.

Paid for by Julie Araskog for Palm Beach Town Council, Group 2.